Aus Idol Stan Walker set for the big screen?

Fans of Australian Idol prepare to throw your panties, because today I interview Stan Walker (above) aka last year’s winner and “teen heart throb”. Not a huge fan of the show myself, Stan had a huge following in my office last year from staff members who were getting behind the local lad.

With his token Aus Idol album released long ago, the 19-year-old has been busy working on his follow-up which is mainly composed of songs he has written. He has been in town recently to promote the first single Unbroken off the new album, From The Inside Out, which will be released in July. The single was written and produced by Ryan Tedder, of One Republic, who was behind Beyonce's hit Halo and worked with another Idol contestant, Adam Lambert on his album. Turns out Walker is quite the fan of Beyonce and says “she can be my wife, I love her.”

Righto. Walker has also just returned from a trip to earthquake-ravaged Haiti where he was an ambassador for raising awareness about the situation there and helping rebuild. The singer was flown over by Christian charity group Compassion and says the experience was "more than you can imagine''.

Apart from talking about his charity work and the new album, Walker also revealed he has plans to dip his toe in the acting pool in the near future.

"I’d love to do some movies." he says.
"I’d love to do a comedy, and I’d love to do a real serious drama as well.
"Like people say `when I get in the zone, I get in the zone’ (laughs).
"Hardcore method acting."

More interesting to me was his list of favourite movies:

"My favourite, my main favourite is the Intervention. I have to say my second has always been Charlie’s Angels. I don’t know why, it was always my… and the Captain Hook one with Robin Williams, Hook. And Three Ninjas too. And Titanic, I love the romantic ones. I could be a be a plus-sized Leo, being skinny is overrated."

So there you have it, polite and into the Intervention. Start lining-up ladies.

New Jewelry, New Piercing, And Things I Love!

Your right hand

I went on a shopping trip with my sister, Christine, today! We picked up some really cute clothes (including the same floral-print shirt at H&M... It was buy-one-get-one-free!) and had a nice lunch. We tried salsa verde for the first time, and we're hooked! We also stopped by The Piercing Pagoda so I could get a third hole in my ears. I'm pretty happy with the result!

I was lucky enough to be the winner of two contests recently! Above, I'm sporting my new slim teal bangle from Mango Tree Bangles. I won this awesome accessory from Fashion Fling, a really great review and giveaway site! I love how simple this piece is.

I'm obsessed with the cute little snail brooch that I won from Fabric Strips & Ruby Lips. This blog, run by a cool chick named Roxie, is full of great personal style and fashionable DIYs. I can't wait to sport this little guy on some autumn sweaters! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! Since I've started blogging a month ago, I've been posting what I wanted when I wanted: outfit posts every once in a while, photos from various adventures, recipes...

I've decided that I want to introduce a little order into Love and Look Pretty so, every Thursday, I'm going to be writing up a little post of the things that I love each week. I hope that I can share some cool things with you, and, in turn, you can share your favorite things with me! So, let's start it off, shall we?

"Now Now" by St. Vincent

My boyfriend gave me this CD earlier in the year, but this week has been the first time that I sat down and listened to it in its entirety (one thing to know about me - "shuffling" on iTunes is one of my favorite activities. Rarely do I listen to an album the way it is supposed to be listened to, much to my friends' dismay. I'm trying to change this, though). "Now Now" is the first track on the 2007 album, Marry Me, and it is so catchy. I've been humming it at work all day.

Into The Gloss

I've been a fan of this website for a few months now. Into the Gloss is a beauty website with tips and tricks from insiders in the beauty and fashion industry. Stylists, models, and magazine editors divulge their secrets and daily routines. "The Top Shelf" is a category where professionals discuss their regimens in great detail. I've learned about so many new products from this website! I also just think it's fascinating, learning about other people's beauty routines. Everyone has something different to share. Check this site out - you'll be hooked!

Endearing Heart Bow Top in Light Gray

This adorable top from Ruche Clothing makes me excited about shopping for clothes for the fall. Yes, I may be in summer mode right now (I still have sundresses on the brain), but every once in a while I fall in love with an article of clothing like this and it makes me think "I can't wait to shop for back-to-school!" I love the detail around the neckline and the sleeves. I think this would look super cute with jeans and simple flats. Perfect for a day of class and studying at the library (how studious of me)!

This outfit by Sorelle in Style

The combination of this romper with those amazing shoes makes me smile. And I'm in love with all of this jewelry, too! I'd love to add that red ring to my collection ;-) Hope you enjoyed some of the things that I love right now! What's caught your eye this week? Feel free to post links!

I Hate That Question: "How Would You Describe Your Style?"

Abbey Lee

People are always like, "How would you describe your style?" (because we all totally care how it's described) and 95% of the time the answer is "classic with an edge" or some other nonsense like "fun and flirty" or "trendy" or something else that makes me want to vomit.

Nonetheless I was thinking, the other night, about how I would describe my style if someone ever asked me (which no one ever has, so I assume you all care) and eventually it devolved into a very honest examination of what I would like my style to be and what, realistically, I actually like to wear. I did end up with a much better idea of how I like to dress than I think I've ever had before, so that's a plus. But I settled on the perfect description of my personal style - both what I want my personal style to be and what it actually is: ninja assassin/warrior princess.

Pretty awesome, right?
And it's actually pretty accurate. I've always had a sort of triple personality when it comes to clothes. I want to dress comfortably (which, when I don't put any effort into it, ends with me wearing ill-fitting jeans and a gigantic band t-shirt, and that is certainly comfortable but doesn't necessarily reflect my personal tastes), but I only like to wear black and I prefer soft, stretchy fabrics because they feel nice (a very minimalist approach that I like but doesn't always suit me), and in the third angle of the triangle, I have a penchant for very graceful, elegant historical clothes, specifically ones from the 1910s, 1930s, and the Medieval and Renaissance time periods, as well as Game of Thrones-type fantasy costumes. Not exactly a harmonious combination, eh?

But when I manage to come up with an outfit that feels essentially me and yet like what I hope to be, it usually combines all three of these qualities. And when condensed, it does look very much like a ninja assassin/warrior princess.

Another reason that I've chosen to describe it this way is that it helps remind me what I like to wear. Everyone has those moments where they forget that they don't actually like a given item of clothing, and they think it fits into their aesthetic, when it actually doesn't. I have them quite often, and when I can just mutter to myself ninja assassin/warrior princess, it gives me a clear image of what I feel comfortable wearing, both when I'm shopping or when I'm trying to figure out an outfit. It's like a little formula: a² + b² = c². Simple. Memorable.

Of course, this isn't foolproof, and I will always have days where my style leans more towards ninja assassin and less towards warrior princess, and vice versa, but that's okay. I mean, it's not like the world's going to end if I decide to wear a color. The only thing I am having trouble reconciling with my new declaration of personal style is my love of Birkenstocks. They don't seem particularly ninja-like or assassin-like or warrior-like or princess-like. I'm still going to wear them, though.

Also, if you really want me to, which I know you don't but lie to me anyway, I'll write another long, boring post and treat you to an in-depth breakdown of my personal style complete with a free verse ode to rayon jersey.